Wondering how to plan your destination elopement?! As a photographer, my favorite part about helping couples elope is finding a place that resonates with them as a couple. Oftentimes, this means traveling out of state, or out of the country in order to find a spot that provides you with activities you two love to do together, breathtaking views, and good food. Another added benefit is being able to wrap your honeymoon into your destination elopement.

Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Where Should My Destination Elopement Be?

“Where should my destination elopement be?” is one of the first questions my couples will ask me. As a destination wedding photographer whose traveled all over the US and Europe, here are my favorite recommendations for your adventure elopement!

United States


  • Iceland (learn more about getting married in Iceland here!)
  • Switzerland
  • Portugal
  • Northern Italy Coast
  • Southern Italy Coast
  • Norway
  • Greece
  • Canada
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Northern Italy Coast

How Do I Plan My United States Destination Elopement?

When planning a destination elopement in the United States, I always recommend by finding a photographer and videographer to help plan your day! They will be able to assist in providing you with epic locations in the state you’re looking to elope in, and will provide you with lists of trusted vendors, stays, food, and more.

how to plan your oregon elopement. oregon adventure elopement. united states hiking elopement. planning your all day elopement in the united states.
Mt. Hood, Oregon

How Do I Plan My Europe Elopement?

Similar to planning an elopement in the United States, planning a destination elopement in Europe begins with finding a photographer that’s familiar with the country you’re planning to elope in! I recommend hiring a photographer that travels to Europe to avoid language barriers, will be able to communicate during US work hours, and can recommend other English-speaking vendors to you!

amalfi coast elopement. how to plan your southern italy wedding. destination elopement. planning your adventure elopement in europe.
Amalfi Coast

How Do I Choose a Location for My Destination Elopement?

When choosing a location for your elopement ask yourself these questions first:

  • Do I plan on hiking during my elopement?
  • What kind of views and scenery do I want to get married in? (Desert, ocean, mountains, forests, waterfalls, lakes, etc.!)
  • What kind of food do I want to eat during my post-elopement celebration?
  • Do I plan on honeymooning at the same location or near it?
Capri, Italy

What Season Should My Elopement Be In?

The season you plan to have your elopement will depend on the climate! Rule of thumb:

  • If eloping in the mountains, Pacific Northwest, or by alpine lakes: Summer & early fall
  • If eloping in the desert: Late fall through early winter
  • If eloping somewhere southern and by the water: spring to early summer

Thinking of planning your destination elopement in the United States or Europe?! Contact Me to get started!

I specialize in adventure elopements in: Colorado, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Iceland, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, and Canada! Let’s plan your dream day!

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