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So you’ve decided to elope in Colorado! Maybe you plan on hiking to an alpine lake, or having an intimate ceremony overlooking the Rockies with a few family members and close friends. You might dream of an off-roading adventure, helicopter ride, or a multi-day camping trip. The best part of Colorado? Whatever you dream up is totally, and completely, a legal way to get married! Below is a complete “how to guide” when it comes to legally eloping in Colorado. From obtaining a marriage license to planning your perfect day.

Self Solemnization – What Makes It So Easy to Elope in Colorado

Colorado is one of the few states that allows couples to self-solemnize. This means, you can elope in Colorado without any witnesses! You two are able to sign your marriage license yourselves for it to be valid.

My favorite part about Colorado’s marriage license laws is that you can have your dog sign the marriage license for you! If you plan on hiking or bringing your dog to your ceremony, you can use their paw print as your witness. As your photographer, I always carry an invisible ink pad for pups to sign your license! This is also a great way to remember your pup for years to come and how they were apart of your day.

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Where to Get a Marriage License to Elope in Colorado

You can obtain your Colorado marriage License in any county in Colorado at The County Clerk’s Office. If you’re coming from out of state, I recommend obtaining the license in Denver when you fly in! The license does not have a waiting period so you can use it as soon as you pick it up. Although, I recommend arriving a day before your elopement incase you hit any snags. Also be aware that some offices require reservations. Make sure to check out the website and research this ahead of time so that you can make an appointment if needed!

The Colorado Marriage License will cost $30! Some Clerk Offices will only take cash, so remember to have $30 on hand incase. The marriage license takes around 20 minutes to finish – so the process is quick!

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How to File Your Colorado Marriage License After Eloping in Colorado

After you elope in Colorado, you will need to file your Colorado marriage license. It’s important that you file your marriage license in Colorado! It can be in any county, and you can return it in person or mail it. Note, that you if you are mailing the marriage license you must do so before leaving the state. Make sure that you check in with the office you are mailing the license back to incase there are special instructions!

If you are struggling with any other concerns regarding your marriage license, check out the Clerk Office’s frequently asked questions page to help answer those!

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Still Need Help Planning Your Colorado Elopement?

If you are still struggling with locations for your Colorado elopement check out my Colorado location recommendations! And, if you have additional questions regarding marriage licenses, how to elope in Colorado, or where to elope in Colorado, Colorado Elopement Photographer page and we can start planning!

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