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Why Elope in Oregon?

Time and time again I send my couples back to Oregon for their adventure elopements. Why? Because Oregon is one of the few states where you can walk through forests that open up to the ocean, swim in waterfalls, and hike to high alpine scenery… All in one day. Which is why I’m constantly encouraging couples to elope in Oregon.

As a Pacific Northwest Native, I’ve explored all the corners of Oregon. I’ve seen it all- from the popular national and state parks, down to the ‘off-the-beaten-path’ places, all of which makes Oregon one of the most beautiful states to elope in.

Oregon is also a great place to elope because its less crowded than its Washington neighbor – while still boasting a similar landscape and views. Making it ideal if you plan on having an intimate day out in nature without crowds!

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Epic State and National Parks in Oregon

+ Crater Lake National Park

+ Columbia River Gorge

+ Mt. Hood (Check out this stunning Mt. Hood Elopement)!

+ Smith Rock State Park (Check out this dreamy Central Oregon elopement)

+ Samuel H. Boardman State Park (A personal favorite!)

What Do You Need to Elope in Oregon?

Oregon (like the rest of The Pacific Northwest!) can see weather changes throughout a single day. Notorious for its rain, even if you are eloping in the summer, you should bring a rain jacket!

As your elopement photographer, I will provide you with a curated list based on the season and location you choose. This ensures you aren’t over or under packing, and that you are able to enjoy your wedding day no matter what comes up!

A Typical Oregon Elopement Packing List:

+ Marriage License

+ Permit (if needed!); As your photographer, I will secure all permits so you two don’t have to stress about filling out the correct forms, and can just enjoy your day!

+ Rain jacket! Layers, backpack

+ Vow books, rings, letters from family and friends!

+ Waterproof shoes (that you can hike in!) and comfortable hiking socks!

+ Snacks/picnic supplies/water

+ Your dog! Food and water for your pup

+ Champagne/craft beers

+ Flowers

+ Bandaids, makeup/hair touch ups (if needed)

As your photographer I will carry many of these items (some snacks, bandaids, etc.) incase you forget!

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What is the Best Season to Elope in Oregon?

Summer or early fall are the best times to elope in Oregon if you are hoping for sunshine! If you don’t mind some rainfall and are trying to avoid any crowds, late fall or spring are also great options!

Here are my Oregon Elopement location recommendations by season…

+ Summer: The Oregon Coast, The Columbia River Gorge, Mount Hood, and Central Oregon

+ Fall: The Columbia River Gorge, Central Oregon (changing leaves!)

+ Spring: The Columbia River Gorge (waterfalls get huge!), Mount Hood (wildflowers!), Central Oregon

+ Winter: Mount Hood and Central Oregon for epic skiing elopements!

Things to Do On Your Oregon Elopement

Here are some of my favorite elopement day activities in Oregon:

+ Hiking

+ Brewery hopping (especially fun in Bend, Oregon!)

+ Getting ready together in an airbnb

+ First look

+ Off-roading

+ Cake cutting

+ Have a catered dinner

+ First dance during golden hour at the Oregon Coast

+ Kayaking or paddle boarding

+ Picnic

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Oregon Elopement Packages

As your elopement photographer, I will plan your entire day from start to finish! To me, this goes beyond location scouting; your experience is designed to be stress-free, fun, and easy! Choosing to elope often means you have fewer resources; so I am here to be your guide, adventure buddy, and planner!

  • A guide to the best Airbnb’s in Oregon
    • Rentals with lighting I love for photos, in an ideal location for your week/weekend, near downtown 
  • Curated List of Restaurant Recommendations: 
    • Best for post-elopement celebration
    • Best for casual meals
    • Best for drinks/apps
  • List of my favorite vendors that are tailored toward elopements and you two as a couple
    • Say goodbye to 30+ hours of googling… and hello an extra weekend of hiking!
    • Vendors that follow the vibe of my photography and locations so your day looks put together.
  • Pre-scouted locations 
    • Don’t have to deal with crowds!
    • One of a kind set of photos in the iconic Oregon
    • You two will look incredible in your photos (right lighting, epic views)
  • Individualized timeline 
    • Leave your watches at home! We will work together to build this timeline, but the day-of I am responsible for keeping us on track – you two are in charge of enjoying your day!
  • Unlimited zoom calls, emails, and planning help
  • I will handle all permits needed
  • Questionnaires that help plan a day that’s uniquely yours 
    • Let me do the heavy lifting and dreaming! I will bring ideas to the table to help make your day unique to who you two are as couple
  • Creation of your entire elopement from start to finish
    • Be present in the moment! Actually remember the moment of your wedding, instead of checking the clock.
    • Prompted/natural posing and creating authentic moments
  • Customized Elopement Packing List
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Frequently Asked Questions!

+ Do I need an officiant at my Oregon elopement?

No, but you do need someone present to sign your marriage license! As your photographer, I can sign the marriage license if you want to elope just the two of you.

+ How do I Elope in Oregon State Parks?

As your photographer, I will handle the permit process! You just need to show up and have fun! Typically National and State Parks require information your elopement day, and times that we will be entering and exiting the park. If you are confused, reach out to a Ranger in the area and they can give you all the details!

+ How Long Should My Elopement Be?

I am a huge advocate for giving yourselves at least 8 hours on your elopement day. This allows you two to have the time to hit multiple locations, hike, have some down time with your partner, and truly experience your day. Your relationship and wedding day is more than just vows and portraits. Let’s work together to add personality and activities to your day to create an elopement day that is memorable for years to come.

If you are interested in working with me to plan your epic elopement, check out some more resources on my Oregon Elopement Photographer page to get started!

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