Couple is standing in the mountains holding hands about a step apart on a ledge. The bride is in a white dress and the groom is in a black suit. The sun is behind them, and there is a large lake and mountains in the background. There are pine trees and a shoreline.

With its vast mountain views, charming downtown, and plethora of outdoor activities, Breckenridge is the perfect spot for an elopement. Just an hour and a half from Denver, Breckenridge is a perfect blend of epic outdoor activities and cute street corners, making it an ideal destination for your elopement, especially if you are traveling from out of state. I’ll fill you in on some of the best locations, practical tips, and essential information for you to decide where to elope in Breckenridge.

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couple is holding onto each other on the edge of a cliff. the bride is holding a bouquet of flowers by her side. the groom is smiling at the bride. there is a lake in the background and mountains that are washed out by the sun.

Why Choose Breckenridge?

Year-Round Destination: Breckenridge is not only open, but remains popular and exciting year around. In many other mountain towns you can expect seasonal closures in the summer (aka prime elopement season), but in Breckenridge all of the restaurants, bars, and stores keep their normal hours.

Easy to Travel to: Breckenridge feels like it could be hours from any major city, but if you’re traveling to Colorado from out of state or have guests coming, it’s the perfect distance from Denver. Shuttle services like Epic Mountain Express and Summit Express offer transportation from Denver International Airport to Breckenridge, and the trip itself won’t leave you driving hours and hours after a day of flying.

Best Airbnbs: Breckenridge has the most Airbnbs out of any of the mountain towns. You have choices between A-frames tucked into dense forests away from the crowds, mansions overlooking mountain views, and unique homes walking distance from Breckenridge’s downtown!

Vendor Options: Breckenridge being so close to Denver, has the most options for wedding vendors. It becomes extremely easy to find florists, hair and make up artists, and even vendors that will cater mountain top picnics!

Scenery: Breckenridge has everything in terms of scenery! From secluded alpine lakes, mountain views, 14ers, and dense forests. This means no matter what type of scenery you’re wanting for your day – Breckenridge has it!

The couple is walking towards large mountain views. they have their arms wrapped around each other in the green grass. The mountains are pink from the sunset. They are leaning into each other. They are outside of Breckenridge at a mountain pass.

Where to Elope in Breckenridge

Sapphire Point Overlook – One of the most popular locations for elopements in Breckenridge, and great for larger groups. The ceremony site is easy to get to and very accessible (about a 1000 ft walk from the parking lot). It overlooks Lake Dillon and the mountains, and the site also allows you to bring chairs and arches. The site is reservable through

Hoosier Pass – The less crowded of the mountain passes in Breckenridge, with options to hike or snowshoe in the winter, and huge mountain views along the trails (along with views of the continental divide!) You will likely find secluded spots for your elopement ceremony here.

Bride and groom are kissing the large mountains in the background. There are pine trees coming up from all over and the sky is overcast. The groom is holding the bride's face, and the bride is holding a bouquet. They are in Breckenridge.

Mohawk Lake – A popular summertime hike, and a longer hike at that but well worth it. With mountain goats, stunning lakes, and vast mountain views, this is the idealistic hike for anyone planning to elope in Colorado.

Lake Dillon – The largest lake in all of Breckenridge. You see it as you drive into Breckenridge from Silverthorne! Large mountains surround it, and there are gorgeous spots along its shores for an elopement ceremony. In the winter the lake freezes over and you can walk across it!

Alpine Lakes – Secret alpine lakes I’ve found. These spots are awesome for elopements with just the two of you. Options to hike, and epic viewpoints. When couples ask me where to elope in Breckenridge these spots are where I take them!

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bride and groom are kissing. the bride has her arms wrapped around the groom's neck with flowers in her hands. there is a lake and mountains with waterfalls in the background.

Permits and Regulations

Before planning your elopement in Breckenridge, check for any permits or regulations required for your chosen location. Contact the local ranger station or park office for more information and to obtain any necessary permits well in advance of your elopement date. As your photographer, I will assist in the permit process and will obtain any permits we may need day-of!

Where to Elope in Breckenridge: Weather

The weather in Breckenridge can be unpredictable, even in the summer. Be prepared for sudden changes in temperature, rain, and wind. The mountains are typically more mild early in the mornings and the best time to elope in Breckenridge (for sunshine and little rain) is August through early October.

Elopement Day Activities Near Breckenridge

From hiking and mountain biking to skiing and snowshoeing, Breckenridge offers a ton of outdoor activities! Here are my favorite elopement day activities:

  • Picnic at a viewpoint
  • Private vows and first dance
  • Paddleboarding
  • Cake cutting
  • Hiking and off roading
bride is sitting in a jeep and looking out the front of it. Her feet are up against the arm rest and she has a straight face. she is in a white wedding dress and the jeep is a blueish gray. There are mountains in the background.

Where to Stay

Breckenridge boasts a variety of accommodation options, from luxury resorts to cozy cabins and romantic bed and breakfasts. Consider renting a private mountain chalet or booking a quaint inn for your elopement getaway. Be sure to check availability and book in advance, especially during peak seasons.

If you prefer hotels, I love: Gravity HausThe Lodge at Breckenridge, and LOGE Breckenridge.

Considering eloping in Breckenridge? Let’s chat! Visit my Breckenridge Elopement Photography page for inspiration and guidance on crafting your dream mountain wedding in this breathtaking destination.

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