If you’re here, you’re likely asking yourself, how much should I be spending on a Colorado elopement photographer? To start off – elopements are not what they used to be! They are now a destination adventure for couples seeking an intimate and epic day to celebrate their relationship instead of having a big wedding. So, even if it’s just the two of you… Let’s talk about the importance of choosing a seasoned elopement photographer that can craft an epic day that’s filled with secret locations, authentic emotions, and rad activities.

Let’s dive into the Colorado elopement photographer cost, and what should be included in your epic adventure wedding experience.

What’s The Average Investment For An Elopement Photographer?

Your elopement is a once in a lifetime experience – one that will capture the hang-on-your-wall photos of you two hiking in the mountains to the in between moments filled with emotion and the love and trust you two share with one another. An experience shown through photos that you can only get from a photographer that knows all the little details of your relationship, and has helped you plan a stress free day in secret locations, and has provided you with countless resources to make your day as stress-free as possible. This is why investing in an elopement photographer is the same investing in the most epic and important adventure of your life.

Elopement photography experiences range from $5,000 – $15,000 in Colorado.

What Should You Expect From Your Elopement Photographer?

Your Colorado elopement photographer should at the *bare minimum* be extremely knowledgeable about your location. From weather patterns during the time of year you plan to elope, where to get a marriage license, how to self solemnize, and the best places to stay. Your photographer should also have off the beaten path elopement locations. Trust me when I say no one wants to elope in the Instagram spots where tourists flock and stare at you in your wedding attire.

Choose a photographer that knows those secret pin drops and hidden spots you can’t find on Google. The remote and intimate spots make for the best adventures, and give you two so much privacy, you’ll feel like the only people on the planet – which is key for vow readings and portraits!

Above all, your photographer should be planning your elopement from start to finish. From questionnaires to perfectly match you with locations, to customized packing lists, places to stay, and permit assistance. It can be stressful trying to plan an elopement in a state you’ve only visited a few times – so having a photographer in your corner that can guide you through the process, scout locations, and know all the ins and outs of your elopement location is vital for creating a stress-free day.

Your Elopement Photographer As Your Guide

Look for a photographer that understands the vision for your elopement day – someone that has locations and ideas that align with the two of you. Someone that can not only be your photographer, but your guide in creating an epic adventure that you will tell for generations to come.

Here are services that your elopement photographer should offer –

  • Location Scouter – Find a photographer that has off the beaten path locations that are unique to the area! Locations that aren’t on Google are key to allow the two of you to breathe, feel all the emotions, and be all-in on your elopement day.
  • Wedding Planner – A photographer that has custom packing lists, knows where you two should eat, the most photogenic airbnbs, has trusted elopement vendors, and elopement guides.
  • Timeline Creator – All of my couples plan 8 hour or multi-day elopements which means it’s important to find someone that can craft an epic full day or multi-day elopement timeline. Someone that accounts for distance between each location, when the best lighting is, and where the best photos are on top of just location assistance.
  • Permit Assistant – Tracking down the right rangers to issue permits is difficult and time consuming when you are coming from out of state! Choose a photographer who can do this for you – it will save you hours of phone tag and stress!
  • Experience Creator – Choose a photographer that can create an entire experience for you that is STRESS-FREE. Someone that has back up plans and knows the ins and outs of the area you’re eloping in.

Personalized Approach

Unlimited access to your elopement photographer as your planner will be a life saver. Choose someone who allows you unlimited emails, zoom calls, and planning help. Not only will this ensure that you can avoid roadblocks and get immediate help with planning, but you’ll also have the opportunity to get to know your photographer. This helps your elopement photographer create a shared vision of your elopement day, so they understand exactly what you are wanting from your experience.

Why Hiring a Colorado Local Elopement Photographer is Key

Your elopement locations are everything day of. I mean it when I say this can entire make or break your elopement. So finding someone local to Colorado, who has photographed in the area you’re looking at will ensure you’re getting unique and secret locations that all the tourists don’t know about. A one of a kind set of photos in these iconic mountain towns that will be jaw dropping, quiet, and intimate so you two can focus on one another and your day.

Your Photographer Should Specialize in Elopements

There are a lot of photographers who are ‘wedding photographers’ that will offer these cheaper elopements that are a quick hour or two. The experience is not the same as when you work with a photographer that specializes in elopements. Oftentimes, you won’t get full service planning help and you will end up spending countless hours googling all of the important information that you’d want insider advice on from a local.

Hiring a photographer that specializes in elopements ensures that you will have access to countless planning resources. A photographer that understands the ins and outs of elopement days from how long your hike should be, locations that are easy to access in high altitude, how to include your dog, and more.

Are you wanting an epic adventure elopement in the Colorado mountains?! Contact me and let’s get started!

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