The bride and groom are standing far away and kissing. There are huge mountains that are turning burnt orange in the background with a lake behind them. There is green grass and a trail leading down to them.

The best time to elope in Colorado depends on the type of adventure you’re looking for, because you can have an amazing elopement year-round here. Some months are better than others for hiking to alpine lakes, off roading up mountain passes, and wildflower viewing while others are better suited for ski elopements, snowshoeing and frozen lakes.

As a reminder – the seasons in the mountains are so different from the “typical” weather you experience in most other states and regions. For example, while the leaves are changing in late October in Texas, there’s already snow blocking trail access in Colorado. The same goes for the spring, while most states are experiencing sunshine, flowers, and warmer days – April is Colorado’s heaviest snowfall month meaning you can still ski and snowshoe in the mountains.

So if you’re wondering what season makes the most sense for your elopement, you’ve come to the right place! I’ll guide you through what each season looks like in the Colorado mountains to help you start planning your day!

(Before we get started, I’ll let you in on a pro-tip – my favorite months for elopements in Colorado are September and January!)


The groom is holding the bride's face and they are both laughing. There are tall pines and snow in the background. The bride has a veil that's blowing in the wind and they are wearing white and black gloves.

Winter *may* be when to elope in Colorado! Although it may be colder than the summer and fall months, the ski towns are fully open (which means endless restaurant and brewery choices) and the hiking trails are empty! Popular spots that tourists flock to in the summer months will be completely empty for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Winter in Colorado is also very sunny especially in places like Boulder and Idaho Springs – so there’s a good chance you’ll experience a bluebird elopement day. Not to mention, all the alpine lakes freeze over so you can read your vows right on them!

Winter Elopement Weather By Month

November – The beginning of winter in Colorado! Snow begins to fall, but typically doesn’t stick at lower altitude. Most of the vegetation is brown and dried up this time of year, but there’s a light dusting of snow on the mountains and most of the high alpine trails are still clear. Tourists and hikers have cleared out for the season so most of the trails aren’t seeing much foot traffic!

December – The start of “real” winter in Colorado! The snow is sticking at the higher alpine locations, and we are getting occasional snowfall in lower elevation spots like Boulder. The mountain towns are all re-opening in preparation for the ski season.

January – The driest month in Colorado, which means you’ll likely get a bluebird day for your elopement! Although it’s one of the coldest months in Colorado, January is great for sunrise elopements without the 3 am wake up call since the sunrises so late. Not to mention, places like Rocky Mountain National Park have cleared out from its busiest months so you will have popular spots to yourself!

February – The temps are similar to January but in February you can experience more snowfall and cloudy days. If you’re wanting more snowpack and aren’t wanting to deal with sunshine, it makes February the best month to elope!

Curious about eloping in the winter? Check out my guide on planning a winter elopement in Colorado!


Couple is holding hands and standing at the base of a lake and kissing. There are mountains covered in snow and fog in the background. The groom is in a white suit jacket and black pants. The bride is in a white wedding dress.

Spring is a tricky time to elope in the Colorado mountains, and I typically don’t recommend eloping until mid-June due to snowpack, mud, and unpredictable weather. But, if you’re planning a ski elopement or are wanting warmer weather while still experiencing snow, the spring can be very ideal.

Spring Elopement Weather By Month

March – I rarely recommend eloping in the mountains in March due to tons of snowfall and avalanche risk, with the exception being ski elopements! It’s one of the snowiest months in Colorado as well, so most of the roads are blocked in the mountains. Spots like Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park and completely safe (and not crowded!) alternatives.

April – Although April marks the start of “spring” in many places in the US, it’s still very much winter in Colorado. The weather is extremely unpredictable you can get snow, rain, or sun depending on the day. All of the high altitude areas are still inaccessible, and most of the lower elevation areas are going to be muddy and brown. Although, it is starting to warm up so you’ll be able to hang in the snow without getting too cold!

May – It’s finally the start of spring in Colorado! Everything begins to turn green again, but snow storms are still happening often in the mountains. Most mountain passes are still closed for the winter, but places like Rocky Mountain National Park and Boulder are green and warm and still without crowds!

June – The first month in Colorado where trailheads and mountain passes re-open! Snow still lingers on mountains and greenery and wildflowers begin to pop up. The weather is still relatively cold, but rivers and waterfalls are full from the snowmelt. Snow is still possible in early June, but likely won’t stick. June is a great month to elope if you’re wanting snowcapped mountains without cold weather.


The couple is standing at the base of a mountain with the bride holding her vow book. The groom is wearing a tan suit. Their border collie dog is sitting in the middle of them, smiling. There is green grass and tall mountains surrounding them.

Summer is one of my favorite times for Colorado elopements! (Although, be wary of summer thunderstorms in the late afternoon). Rain fall can happen at anytime but it typically passes through quickly. July is the best month to see wildflowers, everything has turned green, and the weather is a comfortable 60-70 degrees daily in the mountains.

Summer Elopement Weather By Month

July – July is one of the best months to elope! Summer is in full swing in Colorado, but that also means tourism is as well. Any trail that’s easy to access has high crowd levels. So, if you’re wanting a longer hike, something off the beaten path, or off roading adventure July is the perfect month!

July also experiences a lot of thunderstorms, which means eloping early in the day is your best bet especially if you’re hiking above the tree line or want to avoid potential rainstorms.

August – I’m constantly asked when to elope in Colorado, and many people are shocked I recommend August! In other places August is a month known for extreme temperatures, but while places like Denver might be 90 degrees, the mountains sit around 65-70 degrees the entire month of August, which is the perfect temperature for an elopement!

Need help figuring out the best places to elope in Colorado? I’ve got you!


Couple is standing at the base of an alpine lake reading their vows. the bride is holding her vow book and the groom is holding her hands. he is in a tan suit and she is in a white wedding dress with brown on the bottom.

Fall is definitely a favorite for elopements, and for a good reason! The aspens change colors and are neon yellow and orange against the pine trees! The weather in early fall is very predictable and temperate.

Fall Elopement Weather By Month

September – September is one of my favorite months for an elopement in Colorado! The mid-day thunderstorms are now a rare occurrence, and the beginning of the month has a lot of sunshine and warm days. The end of the month can result in random rainstorms or cold days.

October – October is the start of winter again. There’s a good chance that it will snow in many high altitude places. There’s also a chance of warmer weather especially at the beginning of the month. The days cool off quickly when the sun sets, and most of the 4×4 roads and mountain passes begin to close as soon as the snow starts. The tourism starts to thin out so you can once again access most of the shorter trails without crowds.

When to Elope in Colorado: Best Days of the Week

Now that you’ve reached the end of this guide, I want to leave you with some final pieces of advice! No matter what month you choose to elope in, I always recommend eloping on a weekday. This way there won’t be unpredictable crowd levels at trailheads, you’ll have an easier time getting dinner reservations, and it’s easier to reserve an airbnb or VRBO rental you love! My favorite days for elopements are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays!

Need help deciding which month is the best for your elopement? Check out my Colorado Elopement Photography Resources and let’s start planning!

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