Oregon Elopement

Oregon, a state that’s covered in fog, pine trees, and waterfalls boasts some of the best and diverse views out of all the states in the US. Although most people flock to The Columbia River Gorge and the Oregon Coast to elope; Bend Oregon is a charming town just three to four hours from Portland that captures the same beauty, but has weather that is more similar to high alpine states such as Colorado. Home to some of the best breweries, forests, and hiking – you can get picturesque views of waterfalls, dense woods, and mountains, then finish off your day with a drink or celebratory dinner in Bend or Sisters. One of the perks of Central Oregon is the ability to truly ‘do it all’ when you elope.

Elope in Oregon
Suttle Lake, Oregon

The Best Time to Elope in Central Oregon

Central Oregon has very traditional seasons, but being the Pacific Northwest, mid-fall to mid-spring tend to be harsher weather. Expect the potential of snow and rain! Although, if you choose to elope in Bend there is a better chance you will catch some sunshine and snow during these months! Julia and Steve opted for a mid-spring elopement, and ended up with picturesque gloomy weather. If you are hoping for sunshine, I recommend eloping during the summer months (July through September)! Oregon has one of the most beautiful summers in the US, staying very green and lush throughout the entire season, which will make for your elopement photographs to be vibrant and bright!

Julia and Steve rented out a campsite in Central Oregon for their day. Their day started with them getting ready in separate cabins near their site, and then they had a small ceremony next to the lake. They invited their family and friends, and had the most perfect gloomy day next to the lake.

Oregon Elopement

How to Include Guests

If you are wanting to include guests at your Oregon elopement, consider renting a campsite! Julia and Steve rented a campsite at Suttle Lake so that 30-40 friends and family could watch them elope. This gives you space for your small ceremony, and still allows you to hike, take pictures out in nature, and get married somewhere beautiful with more ease!

Bend Elopement
Central Oregon Elopement
Bend Elopement

Are You Considering a Central Oregon Elopement?

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